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Customer Comments

  Jade Esprit Edouard absinthe
Incredible Absinthe
  I have purchased Jade Edouard absinthe several times and it is a complex and delightful drink to experience. I am also very happy with all of my orders from Liquors de France. They offer timely delivery to the US, impeccable customer service and prompt correspondence.   Dawn - Florida, US

  Absinthe Nouvelle Vague
Be prepared for a second glass
  Oliver Matter has done it again! Nice balance with full mouthfeel. The coffee beans produce a nice aroma but do not affect the delicate balance of flavors much at all. Crystal clear moss green, louches to an opaque light green with amber highlights at 3:1. Beautiful and delicious with or w/o sugar.   Steven P - USA

  Absinthe Blending kit
The kit is very nicely packaged.
  I purchased this blending kit as a Christmas gift. I appears to be a very good selection of herbal blending choices.   Robert Zelley -

  Jade Nouvelle-Orlans absinthe
Outstanding Product and Distributor
  I learned about Jade from an article describing their dedication to traditional methods and equipment for making absinthe. We have purchased several bottles and varieties. The Jade Nouvelle-Orleans is our favorite. Jade Esprit Edouard is amazing. Liqueors de France customer service is excellent.    -

  Enigma Blanche absinthe
Really lovely drink
  My husband had always wanted to try Absinthe, so bought the green gift set; for our second bottle we decided to try the Enigma Blanche, an equal delight. We feel quite sophisticated and really enjoy the eperience. Service also superb and we have no hesitation in recommending.   Sheila Stern - Rochdale, UK

  Pontarlier absinthe glass
  Nice addition to anyones collection--sturdy and attractive   Joe - Donnelly

  Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe "Brut d'Alambic" essai 7
  Smooth and strong----my favorite and will purchase again   Joe - Donnelly

  Silver-plated absinthe dripper and Pontarlier glass
  Quite a neat item---functional and entertaining   Joe - Donnelly

  Enigma Absinthe Gift Box
First Choice
  As fist time Absinthe conosurs this was a great first choice. A great gift idea for someone else or yourself. We also purchased the Cusenier 'sea-saw' dripper and the Engma tasting samples. They all complemented each other.   Jason - NZ

  Absinthe Nouvelle Vague
Get some.
  This is perhaps the best absinthe I have tasted! If you are put off by the use of coffee beans - don't be. The influence is a very subtle hint of cocoa on the nose which compliments the other herbs perfectly. This stuff really is velvet in a glass, a delicious, vibrant herbal explosion. Enough said.   dominik - london

  Eichelberger 68 Absinthe Verte Limitee
  This is a fantastic absinthe. Termed a "modern" absinthe I think because of the less prominent anise this one really shines with an amazing wormwood profile supported by a fresh, sweet citrus note. This is deliciously refreshing, and leaves you wanting more. Get some.   dominik - london

  Cusenier 'see-saw' absinthe dripper
Aesthetically pleasing and functional repro.!
  This is a beautiful silver plated Balancier. The drip rate is highly satisfactory (it can also be slowed down with the aid of crushed ice or a marble if needed). I was worried about the drip rate being too fast but everything is great. 10/10   Cajun Magic - Acadiana

More Comments

I bought the Nemesinthe absinthe gift box for my boyfriends birthday as a surprise and what a surprise he was very please with the product and made a great birthday gift. The Absinthe is lovely along with The Glasses that are very study and spoons beautifully crafted. A great buy and quick delivery. - Osseja, UK

I have been purchasing Enigma verte absinthe for about seven years now. It has the taste, color, and depth of flavor of the Absinthe that I bought and drank in Europe. The aroma and subtle hints of the nineteenth century are superb. - James, USA

I have to admit; I was VERY skeptical about ordering items from overseas. I put in an order on Tuesday, and got a call from my office on Friday informing me that a package from Surrey, U.K. was in! Imagine...an order from Surrey all the way to Richmond, VA in the states in only three days! And the product was intact and delicious! And to think I was going to wait until August to experience absinthe first-hand during my trip to Ireland & England! Kudos to you! Can't wait to sample another variety soon! It isn't very often I can rave about customer service, but this can sure qualify! If anyone wants to ask where to order quality absinthe, I can tell them where to go to buy! LB, Virginia, USA

The Cusenier dripper is probably the one that has the most style. It can even manage it in order to also allow you to fill up 2 glasses in the same time, if you're a handyman. So the effect is quite impressive. As it is silver-plated, I advise you to clean it with some toothpaste to keep the chrome shining. - Sebastien, UK

The Brut d'alembic absinthe is most likely the best tasting I have had the pleasure to enjoy. As potent as it is , it has a very smooth, refreshing appeal with no lingering after taste. The louching is spectacular with no coloration except for a lustrous opalescence. I highly recommend it. - JR, USA

The Feuille d'absinthe is a beautiful piece to enhance your collection. The order arrived quickly and was just as advertised. I will definitely order more products from this company. - JR, USA

I received the blending kit for Christmas and it's great fun, almost like a little chemistry set with it's tubes of botanicals to mix. It gave me the chance to try some different flavours out, and I have invented my own cocktail, which I call the Coconut Fairy, which is Absinthe with fresh coconut water. - Mark Blount-Stonham, UK

I placed my order on Wednesday and it was waiting for me this morning, not even a full two days later. I just want to say good-God that was speedy service!! I have never heard of any overseas shipment, espeicially on any of my Absinthe orders, taking so unbelievably little time! I know who I will be shopping with in the future. Thanks A Lot!! - JF, California, USA

Well, the Enigma verte absinthe is exactly what they tell you it is: very strong on anise, quite spicy, and more of an olive drab or brown instead of green. Fun part about this absinthe though - it louches beautifully, and has a delightful anise flavor when prepared traditionally. I love the stuff! - Bobby, USA

I got my bottle of Blanche Traditionelle Absinthe and gave it as a gift to my good friend in celebration of his promotion at work. The bottle was simply astonishing simple, subtle yet inviting. The absinthe poured nicely in the glass and the taste was superb with the right hint of wormwood. - Victor Alonso Boshuizen, USA

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